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YEK Building, Yeo Eng Koon (S) Pte Ltd

Yeo Eng Koon (S) Pte Ltd
30 Woodlands Loop, Singapore 738319

Our newly acquired facility boasts a spacious warehouse with over 120,000 sq. ft., which is more than double the size of our previous location in Defu Lane.
The expansive space is strategically organised to house over thousands of top-of-the-line equipment, spare parts, and materials, ensuring that we are well-equipped to meet your diverse needs.


YEK Singapore Demo Kitchen, showing kitchen equipment for restaurants

Newly Furnished Demo Kitchen 
Our newly furnished 2,000 sq. ft. demo kitchen is a dedicated, collaborative space designed for us to work closely with you to fine-tune designs, test equipment, and ensure that every element meets your specific needs.


YEK Stainless Steel Fabrication Factory for Kitchen Equipment, Singapore

In-house Fabrication Factory
With strong emphasis on precision, workmanship and quality, our dedicated team of certified and experienced fabricators is equipped with the skills and knowledge to meet the most demanding specifications and standards.
We leverage high-tech fabrication machines to provide innovative solutions for your specific stainless-steel requirements.



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