Mechanical Ventilation & Kitchen Exhaust System Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore

Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System



We specialise in Design and Build of Kitchen Exhaust System based on SS553: 2016 Singapore Standards that comply with HDB, URA, NEA and SCDF regulations. Whether you are running a central kitchen, commercial canteen/ cafeteria, restaurant, worker's dormitory, or even factory, we are able to meet all your requirements



  • In-house engineer to provide the most efficient and cost-effective design

  • 40 years of experience

  • No third-party/ middleman involved (you deal directly with us)

  • 24/7 support; fast response to urgent cases 

  • One-stop service from A to Z; leave everything to us



  • Free consultancy 

  • As-built AutoCAD drawings

  • SCDF submission

  • Fire-rated exhaust ducting (with COC and DOC)

  • Repair and maintenace of exhaust systems



  • Wet chemical fire suppression systems

  • Various types of exhaust air cleaners

  • Variable speed drives (VSD)

  • Custom-made exhaust hood

  • Exhaust hood lights

  • Exhaust and fresh air fan 


Exhaust Design and Build



Proper ventilation is not only important for indoor air quality; it's to keep your employees and business safe. When it's time to equip your restaurant kitchen with the essentials, don't forget the importance of commercial ventilation systems in helping employees and equipment work in a safe environment. 

From cleaning air to lowering utility bills, a commercial ventilation system is a kitchen necessity and a wise investment. Most often, our clients want to limit the design and installation cost. Many kitchen designers specify an exhaust system based on past experiences that are enough for capture and extraction of cooking fumes without regards to energy efficiency. 

Here at YEK Ventilation System, we strive to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your exhaust systems while reducing the impact on the total bulding energy consumption, improving the kitchen environment and at the same time, reducing the carbon footprint. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you the most efficient design that is not only effective but also compliant with the government.


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