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Varithek® 1/1-ik-3600-2Z-square Induction Hob

Varithek® 1/1-ik-3600-2Z-square Induction Hob
With deep-drawn rails at the longitudinal sides for insertion into a varithek®-system module or for the use as a table-top unit. Distance piece made of s/s round bars 1.4301 diam. 10 mm for better cooling on the backside if the unit is used in a varithek®-system module.

A drawn recessed grip, for easier insertion into a varithek®-system module, is placed in the middle of the front section of the bottom. Effective storage due to the stackability of the devices, max. 5 devices on top of each other.

A high-performance induction generator with two rectangular induction coils 220 x 180 mm is mounted underneath the ceran glass. Hobs can be controlled separately or together. With automatic pot detection.

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